Petaling Jaya

Director: Lim Chiew Ah
         Sim Eng Ker

2C, Jalan PJS 1/31
46150 Petaling Jaya

Cell: 6012-2389481

Email:Sim Eng Ker

Petaling Jaya Center

Lim Chiew Aw

Center Director

Lim Chiew Aw

Attended Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Sword/Principle of Tai Chi Training Course organised by Singapore National Wushu Federation, conducted by Master Yang Zhen Duo from 12-18-1991 to 3-9-1992.

0n 05-10-1992 attended Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan International Training Course in Shaxi China.

Since 2006, Founder President of Yang Tai Chi Chuan Association of Malaysia.

04-09-2011 received Wushu contribution Award From Wushu Federation of Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur.

Disciple of Master Yang Zhen Duo

Sim Eng Ker

Center Director

Sim Eng Ker

Year 1973, learned Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan form disciple of Master Yang Chengfu :Chen Man Ching’s linkage Huang Sheng Sheng.

In 1994, successfully introduced Tai Chi Chuan into the Ministry of Youth & Sports, Government of Malaysia .Later organized annual Tai Chi Championship; also trained as judge for Tai Chi competition.

Demonstrated Tai Chi Chuan in Channel 1 TV Malaysia morning programme of “Healthy Move” and introduced Tai Chi Chuan and health in other Channels.

In year 2003, together with President Lim Chiew Ah, orgainized Grand Master Yang Zhen Duo's visit to Malaysia and later formed the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association of Malaysia in 2006 with Grand Master Yang as Life Honorary President of the Association!

Successfully organized the World Tai Chi and Health Convention in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2007 with Grand Master Yang Zhen Duo, Master Yang Jun and other Masters as main VIP.

In 2009, appointed as judge of Hongkong International Wushu Festival, representing Malaysia.

In 2009, followed the teaching of Grand Master Yang through Master Yang Bin the original form of Yang family Tai Chi Chuan 16 forms, 103 forms, Tai Chi Sword & Sabre, attend the Upgrading Courses for Tai chi Chuan 103 forms, Tai Chi Sword and Sabre at Yang Chengfu Tai chi Chuan Centre in Shanxi, China in 2011.

Sim Eng Ker