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Teacher Academy


The mission of the Tai Chi Chuan Teacher Academy is to train students interested in becoming Certified Instructors.

The Academy

The Tai Chi Chuan Teacher Academy provides course work for those interested in becoming instructors. Study in the Academy will cover all areas outlined in the Progression of Study. The study will be greater in detail than in regular Center classes or Association seminars and will focus on methods of teaching in a variety of classroom environments. The classes will include instruction in the Tai Chi Chuan Forms; instruction in physical education; theory, principles, and history of Tai Chi Chuan; traditional Chinese medicine; and in depth classes in Chinese culture. All courses will be devoted to teaching methodology that focus on adapting content and methods to specific student populations.

Training Events

The Academy training program will consist of specialized Training Events. These Training Events are classes or seminars with specific content that meets the criteria defined in the Teacher Academy course descriptions. Training Events are organized, planned and managed by Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Centers and IYFTCCA’s National Headquarters. The Training Events include supervised practice in advanced Tai Chi Chuan applications, lecture in Tai Chi Chuan theory, classes on effective teaching practices, and strategies for effective group instruction. Training events are taught by Association approved Center Directors, Academic Instructors, Guest Instructors, Professors and National Training Headquarter Directors.

Training Locations

Academy training is conducted worldwide at Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Centers, National Training Headquarters, and at other locations approved by the Association. National Training Headquarters are Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Centers designated by the Association to organize, plan, schedule and manage the Teacher Academy program in the country where the Center is located.

Training Credits

Training of each student participating in the Academy is recorded by using a credit system. Credits are calculated according to hours of study completed in each subject area of the Academy Training Program. Credits for training that are earned through participation in regular Tai Chi Chuan classes, National Training Events, Association sponsored events, and seminars may be applied toward completion of the Teacher Academy.

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