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Annick Matard

Certified Instructor

Annick Matard

I was born on 11 March 1944 in Rouillac, Charente, France.

Married at an early age to a film-maker/lecturer with whom I travelled the world for twenty years or so making animal and ethnological documentary films broadcast on “Connaissance du Monde”, a French organization which brought together all the “explorers”” of that time.

On returning to a more sedentary life, I worked in the rather specific domain of production and distribution in the music world, in jazz in particular.

In 1990, I set off with my new partner and two friends for a six-week trip to China, backpacking, with the “Lonely Planet” guide and a map issued by the Promotion Department, National Tourism Administration, People’s Republic of China.

The group followed the « silk road », going from Pakistan to Peking (west to east), via the Karakoram road (4800m altitude), known as « the roof of the world ». Unforgettable!

During the course of this long journey, impregnated with the traditions, culture and philosophy which are at the heart of this immense country, I came across Tai Chi Chuan, in a park in Peking.

Upon returning to Paris, I looked for somewhere to learn this discipline and in 1994 enrolled in James Kou’s classes, where I happily learned this martial art for 3 years.

Later, having moved away from Paris, I continued to pursue my training at the Yang Chen Fu Centre in Paris, run by Duc and Carole Nguyen Minh, where I regularly took part in training courses.

In 2004, I had the privilege of following the last course led by the Great Master YANG Zhenduo, accompanied by his grandson YANG Jun. Since then, I have been a faithful participant in the annual spring seminar with Grand Master YANG Jun.

I have been teaching in an association since 2002, I have trained several pupils who have passed their grades and in turn teach others.

In 2013 I obtained my 4th duan and became a Certified Instructor in 2014.

Annick Matard


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