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Cinzia Catena

Associate Instructor

Cinzia Catena

Cinzia Catena born in Rome in 1961. I attend Classics and Psychology classes, but the passion for manual work and working with clay lead me to the profession of potter. Since 1985 I own a studio Of Art and Sculpture Ceramics, where I teach and produce my artworks.

In 2000 I began to study and to practice Tai Chi Chuan, following the teaching of the technical director Claudio Mingarini, continuing with increasing enthusiasm I participated in national and international seminars. In the year 2007 I made a trip to China organized by the IYFTCCA following a seminary directed by GrandMaster Yang Zenduo.

In 2016 I obtained the 4th level. Since 2012 I am a teacher at the Yang Chen Fu Center in Rome.

Cinzia Catena

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