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Duc Nguyen Minh & Carole Nguyen

Center Directors, Academy Instructors

Duc Nguyen Minh

Duc NGUYEN Minh came to tai chi chuan in 1994, practicing a Yang style along with other styles as “modern” Tai chi chuan and Chen style. Since meeting Master Yang Zhenduo and Master Yang Jun in 1998 at a seminar in Pau, France, he devoted himself to traditional Yang style, and is ranked level 5 since 2005. He teaches taichi since 1998.

Carole NGUYEN began practicing tai chi chuan in 1997 in a Club where she met Duc and married him in 2000, their daughter Danae was born in 2001. She studies traditional Yang style tai chi chuan since 1999, and is graduated rank 4 since 2004. She began teaching taichi in 2001 and Qi Gong since 2005.

After a visit paid to the Yang Masters at Seattle in 2000, Duc and Carole organized their first seminar in Paris in 2001 with Masters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun. In 2003, as Directors of the new Yang Chengfu Center Paris, they founded  the “Wushu Dao de la Vallee” Association seated in Gif sur Yvette, 25 km south of Paris to promote traditional Yang Style Tai chi chuan. In 2004, they had the great honor with Stockholm, to host a seminar with Master Yang Zhenduo for his last trip in Europe. In 2005 they came with their students to China to celebrate Master Yang Zhenduo’s 80 years birthday.

As Center directors, they organize yearly, an Association sponsored seminar in Paris region. They also conduct all over the year, Weekend mini-seminars on traditional Yang style. They created the taichi section of Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau) in 1998, and the Club Chevry 2 – AMC (Chinese Martial Arts) section (GIF town) in 2001 where they both are the main teachers. They also teach taichi in other Sports Association of : Marcoussis, National Scientific Research Center CNRS (Meudon), and Staff Committee of Nortel and Bull societies.

As a student, Duc has had some practice of external martial arts (Judo, Karate and Vietvodao), and enjoys Alpine ski and sailboard. He is a PhD and Civil Engineer, and is working as a researcher in Solid Mechanics Laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau). Carole is also graduated in Qi Gong at Beidahe (China) with Master Liu Ya Fei  after being educated in “Temps du Corps” Association in Paris. She loves swimming, jogging, trekking, music, and children. Before her daughter was born, she was an executive secretary in a Microsoft partner company, now she is caring about managing works in Yang Cheng Fu Center and Club Chevry 2.

Duc NGUYEN Minh, Carole Nguyen


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