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Fabiana Silvano

Affiliated Instructor

Fabiana Silvano

Fabiana Silvano lives in Quilmes, Buenos Aires Province. She is Accounting Bachelor, also she is Pottery and Visual Arts Teacher.

She started to take Chi Kung, Yoga and no traditional Tai Chi CHuan classes on 2006.

Since February 2009 until September 2012, she took Instructor´s Course every month with Claudio Palacios, YCF Center´s Director Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2009, she did her first International Seminar with Master Yang Jun in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.

On 2010, she began to teach Tai Chi Chuan regular classes.

On August 2012, she travelled to China, participated in the 4th Invitational Tournament in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China. During that precious days with Master Yang Jun, Grand Master Yang Zhen Duo and his family, his disciples, instructors, students, brothers and sisters everywhere, she began to understand the dimension about de Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan. In the same year she approved Ranking II in Buenos Aires.

On 2013, she travelled to Brazil twice to take Instructor´s Coursess with Master Angela Soci and Professor Roque Severino and did Instructor´s Seminar with Master Yang Jun.

On December 2013, she named their groups of practitioners “Ren Yi” to give a formal form to students, inspired by words of Master Yang Jun during the last Instructor´s Seminar in San Pablo in promoting these Confucian´s virtues. “The movement is an outside- in process, body motion for correction of the spirit! Were the encouraging words of Master Yang Jun.

On last years she dedicated to the study of Tai Chi Chuan philosophies, Chinese Art, Language and Chi Kung.

She travelled to Rosario, Argentina to train Form and Sword with Master Ruben Coirini, and she took in Mendoza, Argentina Sword and Tui Shou Seminars with Master Sergio Arione.

In the present day, she continues her professional formation under the care of Master Angela Soci in YCF Center of San Pablo, Brazil

She will be very happy to see you in Quilmes, Argentina.

Fabiana Silvano
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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