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Giordano Caltagirone

Certified Instructor

Giordano Caltagirone

I have practiced Yang Family Tai Chi since 2003. The passion and expertise of Roberto Carchio has made me closer to this martial art. Although I began practice for health reasons, over time I got into more and more.

I have attended four seminars led by Master Yang Jun. (Florence 2010, Rome 2012, Florence2013, Milan 2014).

In June 2014 I obtained 4th level in our ranking system.

Before starting practicing Tai Chi Chuan, I had experiences with traditional method of T'ien Shan P'ai school with instructor Andrea Alati.

I have taught Tai Chi Chuan in the Affiliated school of Rome, Roma Tai Chi Village, since 2012.

I have a degree in psychology and work in a psychotherapeutic community where I teach the boys the Tai Chi Chuan.

I have many years experience in psychological laboratories, using Sports (football, volleyball) as methods.

Giordano Caltagirone


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