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Greg and Jayne Miller

Affiliated School Directors, Associate Instructors

We began our study of the Yang Cheng Fu style of Tai Chi in 1990. Over the years we have been privileged to attend Traditional Yang Family seminars with Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo and Grand Master Yang Jun on the 108 hand form and push hands. We are indebted to the generous instruction, guidance and encouragement which we have received from Michigan and Kentucky Center Directors Han Wang and Carl Meeks. We have also been fortunate to study hand form and push hands with Affiliate School Director Guerman Atanassov in Chicago.

We are deeply honored to have been approved as an International Yang Family Association Affiliate School and we are committed to teaching and promoting the standardized methods of learning developed by the Yang Family Masters. As nurses, we are excited to study and promote the many benefits of this ancient healing art.

Located along the Mississippi river at the convergence of Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois, our school is devoted to extending the beautiful spirit of Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi to those who live and visit the tri state area.

Greg and Jayne Miller


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