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Holly Malloy

Certified Instructor

Holly Malloy

I’ve practiced martial arts for approximately 23 years, including: Pukang Tang Soo Do/Dave Rodriguez Sensei-2 years (early 80’s); Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan/Han Hoong Wang-1 year (1994/95); Yuchia Kung Fu (Red Sash) and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (Highest Ranking Student) in the School of Martial Arts/Sifu Robert Brown-11 ½ years (1995-2006); Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan (Rank Four-Copper Tiger) of the Michigan Tai Chi Center/Han Hoong Wang-8 years (2009-present); Classical Yagyu Jujutsu (3rd kyu)/John Parks Sensei of the Suishinkan Dojo; Iaido (8th kyu)-2 years (2009-2011)/Rick Brady Sensei of the Takumakan Dojo-2 years (2009-2011).

• Taught Yang Family Tai Chuan at Sola Life and Fitness (through William Beaumont Hospital) - 5+ years (2011-2016)

• Teach beginning Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan through the Oak Park (Michigan) Community Center - 1 ½ years (2015-2017).

• Teach Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan at the Martial Science Center Dojo in Southfield, MI (Jan 2017-current)

• Instructed Women’s Personal Protection seminars through Sola, Fit Zone, a women’s shelter, Oakland County Administration, and Clinton-Macomb Public Library

Holly Malloy


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