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Lorenzo Sordi

Certified Instructor

Lorenzo Sordi

I have always found martial arts fascinating, during my University years I committed my free time practicing judo, reaching green belt.

In 2004 I begun to practice and study Taijiquan with Robera Lazzeri at Shuangbaotai Association in Florence - Italy. Since 2006 I have attended several seminars held by Master Yang Jun in 103 form, saber and sword form. I also attended seminars held by Stockholm Center Director Therèse Mei Mei Theo in Italy and Sweden.

In 2007 I took part in the competition held in Taiyuan at the third international invitational tournament of the traditional Yang Style Tai chi Chuan of Shanxi.

I begun assisting my teacher Roberta Lazzeri in 2007. I trained as an apprentice instructor until 2009. After gaining Rank three in june 2009, I became a teacher at the Yang Chen Fu centre of Florence - Italy.

In February 2013 I have got 4th rank in the method of evaluation of the International Association of the Yang Style Taijiquan.

In July 2016 I became a certified instructor in IYFTCCA.

Besides the practice of Taijiquan, I have a Master Degree in Law (International Private Law) and I have worked as public employee in a local county administration (legal adviser, environmental protection) for 12 years.

Lorenzo Sordi

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