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Maria Caterina Ranieri

Associate Instructor

Maria Caterina Ranieri

Maria Caterina Ranieri was born in Rome in 1962, took a technical diploma in Tourism Services but her interest was wellness and few years later she studied as a Naturopath (Herbalism, ChromoTherapy, FlowerTherapy). She has always practiced sports from Judo (1979/80 and 1991), Swimming, Aerobics, Antigymnastique of Thérèse Bertherat (1991), Dance Movement Therapy (2011), to Tai Chi Chuan.

She met Tai Chi Chuan in 2005. She had the good fortune to know and practice the Yang Family Tai Chi from 2005 to 2009, but not in a constant way, and then approached Chi Kung study too with Laura Rubrianti; she met Marisa Vocca and participated in the seminars of Franco Mesola and of Dominque Ferraro.

Finally, in October 2009 she started studying again Yang Family Tai Chi with Roberto Carchio. Since then she has practiced it at “Roma Tai Chi Village” Affiliated School, studying Forms, Sword, Saber Form and basic Push Hands.

She achieved the Level III in 2015, and at present she studies, practices Tai Chi Chuan with her friends and helps the school in teaching.

Since 2012, every year she has attended the seminars of Master Yang Jun, and those organized by the "Roma Tai Chi Village" school.

Moreover, Maria Caterina teaches Herbalism in her “Di Erba in Erba herbal Courses©” and how to prepare homemade natural beauty creams. She is a blogger ( too.

Maria Caterina Ranieri

Mobile phone: +393406788913

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