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Maurizio Arcangeli

Certified Instructor

Maurizio Arcangeli

I was born in Terni in 1953, since 1982 I have been practicing martial arts for over 20 years, before different styles of Kung Fu including Tai Chi, with the Master Paolo Cangelosi, then Ki Aikido with Master Giuseppe Ruglioni (Ki No Kenkiukai Association).

In 2005 I had the joy of approaching the traditional Tai Chi Chuan of Yang Family studying under the guidance of the IYFTCCA’s National Headquarter Director Claudio Mingarini. From 2008 I started following the IYFTCCA Instructors Course in YCF Center of Rome (under the teaching of C. Mingarini)

In 2013 I achieved the fourth rank and in 2015 I passed the entrance exam for certified instructor.

I have participated to several international seminars held, in Italy, by Grand Master Yang Jun and since 2009 I have attended all European seminars for instructors led annually in Italy. I also attended many other open seminars held by IYFTCCA Instructors including F. Grothstuck, R.E. Severino, A. Soci, H. Sweeney, L. Lu, G. Turturo.

Currently, with the certified instructor Lorella Viali, I'm teaching Tai Chi Chuan (Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association) in Terni at the school “Musical Academy”, located in Via Benucci 19/21, phone 0744-302342.

Maurizio Arcangeli

Musical Academy
Via Benucci 19/21
Phone: 0744-302342


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