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Monika Decker, Certified Instructor

Monika Decker was born in 1961 in her hometown Cologne, Germany where she’s still living. She started her journey in Tai Chi in 1996 as she met Frank Grothstück, Center director Cologne, Germany.

After years of practicing 103 form and 49 competition form, she decided to join a seminar with Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo and Master Yang Jun located in Cologne. Since then, she rarely misses a seminar located in Germany.

In 2002 she went to China and reached rank 2 during the international tournament in Shanxi. After learning sword and saber forms, she reached rank 3 in 2005. Returning back to China in 2007, she got rank 4, passing the examination in Taiyuan.

With great pleasure, Monika teaches her own groups in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan since 2005. Her motivation is the dissemination of her knowledge and experience, and the fun of sharing the spirit of Tai Chi with other people.



Monika Decker

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