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Sam Kwok, Certified Instructor

I first learned the Yang Simplified 24 in 2000 and later a form so-called the "Old Yang" Style Tai Chi class from two Employee’s Tai Chi clubs taught by a fellow employee. I served on the Executive Board of the clubs, led practice sessions and occasionally taught classes there.
After reading the article "A Talk on Practice" by Yang Chengfu: "...a group takes their mistakes and transmits them to generations, necessarily fooling both themselves and others...", I realized I have to search for a professional Tai Chi instructor. I have been studying with Master Yang since 2003 and received 4th rank in 2008.  I became a Certified Instructor in 2009.

I am a Computer Software Engineer and currently working for a major corporation in the Northwest. I teach Tai Chi classes in Community Center and Senior Center in the City of SeaTac.





Coal Creek YMCA, City of Newcastle
Mondays 7:00 - 8:00pm - Hand form
Saturdays 11:30 - 12:30pm - Hand form

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