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Silvia Rossi

Certified Instructor

Silvia Rossi

I was born in Florence in 1977.

I graduated from high school in 1996 at the Catering Institute Buontalenti in Florence. Now I work as a bartender at the Circolo Arci Casa del Popolo di Calenzano.

I started to practice tai chi chuan in 2009 at the school Shuangbaotai in Calenzano with Roberta Lazzeri and Valentina Marinai.

In 2012, I started following seminars held by master Yang Jun.

Since october 2013, I have followed the instructor training held by Roberta Lazzeri at the Yang Chengfu Tai chi chuan center of Florence. I have assisted my teacher, Valentina Marinai, during the 103 form classes at her affiliated school in Calenzano and Sesto Fiorentino.

In May 2016, I got the 4th level Copper Tiger in the IYFTCCA ranking system.

Silvia Rossi

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