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Claudette Jarnolle

Affiliated School Director: Limoges, France

Claudette Jarnolle

1980: I begin my practice of Taijiquan, Beijing form, 24 patterns according to Yang Ming Shi's teaching.

1983: I learn the long form with a student of James Kou and then, I practice with James Kou.

1985: It's my first seminar with Master Yang Zhen Duo in France.

From then on, I continued to practice with James Kou and I followed, one to two times a year, seminars with Master Yang Zhen Duo and Master Yang Jun, in France, Sweden, China or the United States.

Now, every year, I follow one seminar with Master Yang Jun in France and some seminars with Carole and Duc Nguyen.

I practise Taiji Quan every day.

I practiced from 1977 to 1990 Aikido and I got the 2nd Dan. I had to stop this practice because I had a knee injury.

I practice Qigong since 1989: I studied with Juan Li, a disciple of Mantak Chia, and then I did a Qigong formation for teaching with Bruno Rogissart and another one in Zhi Neng Qi Gong with Master Zhou Jing Hong and others Chinese teachers.

I share the treasure that I found in practicing Taijiquan by teaching since 1984. First, I teached the short form, 24 movements. Then after learning with Master Yang Zhenduo, I teach the traditional long form. I teach every week in two classes, one hour and a half each, and in three or four seminars during week-end for a year.

In 1991, I obtained a qualification for teaching Taiji Quan from James Kou.

After 1998, I obtained French qualifications to be allowed teaching Taijiquan under French laws. I got the technical certificates levels 1 and 2 in Taijiquan and the monitor and professor diplomas of Taijiquan delivered by the Federation of Chinese Martial and Energetic Arts, approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

I also teach Qigong. I got technical certificate, level 3. I have a degree for teaching Qigong, Certificate of professional qualification, from the Federation of Chinese Martial and Energetic Arts.

Claudette Jarnolle
Affiliated School: Limoges

Mailing address:
13, Impasse Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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