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Edyta Piatkowska-Wu

Affiliated School Director, Bambou Balance

Certified Instructor

Edyta Piatkowska-Wu

Edyta Piatkowska-Wu came to France in 1992. She had studied to become a handball coach at the Krakow Physical Academy in Poland, where she got her Master’s degree in Physical Education, with special references to sports coaching. Her father used to train handball teams at a national level: sports have run in the Piatkowska family for generations.

In 2002, she completed her MA in STAPS (Sciences and Techniques in Physical and Sports Activities), with special references to Adapted Activities for the Elderly, at the STAPS Faculty in Lyon 1 University, France. She then started working with her former professor as a sports coach for the elderly and for aquaphobic people. This experience led her to the practice of eutony: the discovery of this self-development method fostered her desire to adopt a softer body-oriented approach to training, as well as a renewed awareness of her own corporal reality and unity.

In 1998, she had met M. Kea Suon, who currently runs the YCF Centre in Lyon: he was the one who led her to the path to Tai Chi Chuan. Since 2005, she has also regularly trained at the YCF Centre in Paris, with Master Yang Jun, whose seminars she attended in France and Italy. For some years now, she has also been practicing Ba Qua Qi Gong and fan Tai Chi Chuan with Master Sun Fa in Lyon. Her interest in soft training and bodily development has also led her to include no-risk abds elements in her teaching and training, a method that was created by Blandine Calais-Germain.

After teaching Tai Chi Chuan to the elderly at the Okinawa Shaolin Centre in Lyon for several years, Edyta and some of her students created the “BAMBOU BALANCE – Harmonie et Mouvements” association in Villeurbanne, near Lyon. The association wishes to promote the teaching of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan and other associated disciplines such as Ba Qua Qui Gong, No-Risk Abds and ink wash painting, the latter being taught by Edyta’s husband, the Taiwanese artist Jhycheng Wu. All those activities are taught in the spirit of fostering well-being and connected happiness to the students, as well as opening them to Chinese culture.

She hasn’t cut all ties with the YCF Centre in Lyon, as she regularly teaches classes on week-ends and some seminars. Every summer, she is part of the instructors’ team of the Paris YCF Centre, at their yearly seminar in Vitrac, in the south of France. The atmosphere of friendship and conviviality that characterises those seminars are in complete accordance with Edyta’s vision of her art and training, respectful of each and everybody’s desires.

In 2012, she participated in the Shanxi tournament, where she won both individually and as part of M. Nguyen Minh Duc’s team (YCF Paris).

Edyta Piatkowska-Wu


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