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Judge Registry

Judge Grades

Among many other tasks, we are developing a system whereby Judges may be awarded degrees, called “Grades”, that recognize their participation in the judging and the ranking areas of Association activities. The Advisory Board is discussing the specifics of each Grade and will finalize the requirements some time next year. Grade Three is the entry level, Grade Two is the intermediate level, and Grade One is the top level for Judges. Advancement through these grades is achieved through participation in specific Judges Training Courses and earning Tai Chi Academy credits in this subject area, participation in Ranking Events at various levels, and involvement in Tournaments. Judging is closely related to teaching but requires training in specific skills, as well as practical experience, in order to have sufficient expertise. Coursework is under development.

Judge Registry

The Association will implement the use of a Judge Registry, which is a database of approved Judges who are qualified at different grade levels, and who may be authorized to organize Ranking Events and Tournaments, to serve on Examining Committees, and to serve on the Judges and Ranking Advisory Board and on other committees pertaining to Judges and Ranking. In the future, all Ranking Events and Ranking Examinations will be organized and conducted by officials who are drawn from the Judge Registry.

How to Be Listed in the Judge Registry

Please assist with the creation of the Judge Registry by
1) submitting your own application
2) informing the Judges who have worked with you about the Registry and the future requirements for Judging and
3) encouraging them to follow through with their application

Who Can Apply to be Included

We invite everyone Rank Three or higher who has experience and/or training as a Judge in any Ranking Event to submit their names for inclusion in the Judge Registry.

The Judge Registry Application Form

Please fill out the Application for Judge Registry, including as much information as possible, and send it to

1. Section One: Identification
(Judge Grade Applied for: As of January 1, 2012, criteria for Judge Grades have yet been completed, so leave that space blank.)

2. Section Two: Judges and Ranking Experience
In this section of the Application form, you should include your “resume” of experiences as a ranking event Organizer, Head Judge/Presiding Judge, Scoring Judge, and other positions you have filled during a ranking event. Include as much information as you can. Don’t worry if you are missing some information about the events you have participated in. Ask the Center Director or the Head judge/Presiding Judge under whom you worked to help you. Each Center should have records of all its ranking events, and records are kept at the Association. The Advisory Board will receive your application and will attempt to authenticate and to complete your entries. Attach separate pages if desired.

What Happens Next

As we receive applications, we enter them into the Judge Registry. Ranking Event Sponsors use that list to form their Examining Committee.

What Grades Are Awarded

At present the Advisory Board is not assigning any grade. Once the criteria for each grade have been completed, we will publish those criteria, and assign the appropriate grade level. Additional information and corrections to your entry can be supplied at any time. The higher Grades can be awarded as training becomes available. Meanwhile, you will be listed in the Judge Registry.

Judge Passbook

The Judges and Ranking Advisory Board is designing a Judge Passbook that Judges can carry with them to Ranking Events. The Passbook provides a method of recording the Judge’s work, with an evaluation by the Presiding Judge or Ranking Event Sponsor. The Passbook’s entries are used to validate a judge’s eligibility to progress through the Judge Grades.

Training Courses

The Judges and Ranking Handbook covers material that will help Judges and Ranking Event Sponsors to understand ranking. The Tai Chi Academy will sponsor training courses that will be required for advancement through the Grades. Announcement of these opportunities is anticipated very soon.

Thank you for your interest in Judging and Ranking, and for participating in the establishment of the Judge Registry.

If you have questions, please contact me at I look forward to working with all of you.

Pam Boyde
Head, Judges and Ranking Department

Members of the Advisory Board: Han Hoong Wang, Mei Mei Teo, Ray Tom, Carl Meeks, Angela Soci Carl Meeks: Head, Division of Education and Training

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