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§ Events Calendar
§2015 China Tour
§2012 China Tour
§ 2009 10-yr Anniversary
§2007 China Tour
§2005 GM YZD Birthday
§2002 China Tour
Day 1 Arrival in Xian/Hot Pot Dinner_China 2015
Day 2 Daming Palace/Flight to Juizhaiguo_China 2015
Day 3 Snow Ridge Mtn/Juanglong Valley_China 2015
Day 4 Juizhaiguo
Day 4 evening Zhang Mi Musical Jiuzhaiguo
Day 5 Ancient City and Monigue Valley
Day 6 Evening - Tang Dynasty Dinner and Show
Day 7 Morning - Qin Shi Huang's Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses Museum
Day 7 Afternoon - Bei Yuan Min Muslim Cultural Street and the Great Mosque of Xi'an_China 2015
Day 8 Morning Xi'anbei Train Station and Bullet Train from Xi'an to Luo
Day 8 Afternoon - Longmen (Dragon Gate) Grottoes, Lee Royal Hotel & Dinner Luoyang City, Henan Prov
Day 9 Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng City, Henan Province
Day 9 On way to from Shaolin Temple to dinner in Handan and to Jin Du Hotel
Day 10 Leaving Jindu Hotel to Honor Yang Luchan and Descendents at Memorial Park in Handan
Day 10 Leaving Memorial Park to Guangfu Ancient City in Heibei Province
Day 10 Wu Tai Chi Chuan Home of Wu Funai great-great granson of founder Wy Yuling in Guangfu Ancient
Day 10 Residence of Yang Luchan founder of Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan in Ancient City of Guangfu
Day 10 Lunch in Guangfu before Bus Ride to Taiyuan for Dinner and Jason Yang's 13th Birthday Party
Day 11 Morning Taiyuan Parkview Hotel, city views and Ancient Jinci Temple & _The Never Aging Spring
Day 11 B Buffet Lunch at 5 Star Hotel and other Pics
Day 11 C Disciples and Disciples to Be at GM Yang Zhenduo's Apartment
DAY 11 D GM Yang Zhenduo's 90th Birthday Celebration
Day 12 B Dinner at Hotel Where Disciple Ceremony Will Take Place
Day 12 C Disciple Ceremony of Grandmaster Yang Jun
Day 13 A Leaving Taiyuan to Beijing and Lunch in Beijing
Day 13 B Maya Hotel in Beijing and Last China Adv. 2015 Dinner Together
Day 14 A Breakfast at the Maya Hotel and to Beijing Airport for Home

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