Chu King Hung long form

Chu King Hung long form

Postby drago » Wed Dec 21, 2005 2:10 pm

What do you mean for Chu King Hung long form? I saw him once in Oesterreich and he told, that in their form the Chi is maximal. Positions in their form is different from our form. The hands are higher and there are many moves with dantien. What do you mean about their form?
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Postby oldyangtaijiquan » Fri Dec 23, 2005 4:01 pm

Some forms (variations) of the Chu King Hung's teaching can be found in the books:
- Power Taiji, Erle Montaigue
- Yang Tai Chi Chuan, John Hine
Also Yang Sau Chung's teaching is presented in the books:
- Practical Use of Tai Chi Chuan: It's Application and Variations, Yang Sau Chung
- T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Yiu Kwong
- Beginner's Tai Chi Chuan, Vincent Chu
There are also some good videos about this lineage teaching, made by Robert Poyton, Vincent Chu and Erle Montaigue.

But also Yang Sau Chung made some modified his TJQ (one of this is his signature move at the beginhing).
Saying that one "lineage" (or long form) is better than another is not correct! This do only people who want convert others to their style.

My opinion is that there are many Yang schools/lineages that are very good. Some of they are:
- Yang Cheng Fu's main disciples (Chen Wei Ming, Fu Zhong Wen, Dong Ying Jie and Yang Shou Chung)
- Yang family (Yang Zhen Ji, Yang Zhen Duo and Yang Zhen Guo)
- Yang style variations: Cheng Man Ching and Erle Montaigue
Also are recommended lineages of disceples of Yang Yian Hou, Yang Ban Hou and Yang Shao Hou (like Hsiung Yang Ho, Tian Zhao Lin, Zhan Qin Lin, Chen Pan Ling and Li Jing Lin).
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