88 taiji form

88 taiji form

Postby Yongnian_matt » Wed May 30, 2001 6:09 pm

there is a 88 taiji form being taught in china as part of the progression from 24 form to 40 form to 88 form. the 88 form is a altered traditional yang long form. same exact pattern, but moves done absolutely different with some discrepencies.

the person who designed this was Li Deyin.


I have seen this form at wushu schools and its chops up the traditional long form with some goofy changes. why do yang family allow other people to chop up their family traditional form for the masses and do not anything about it? is it because they are in a communist country and li deyin has permission to do so? what does yang zhen dou and yang jun think about it?

back in the day wouldnt yang chen fu palm strike someone in the face for doing that?
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Postby nik79 » Thu May 31, 2001 1:30 am

i have seen plenty more than just that guy. alot of people chew up all tradition, and label themselves as 'taiji masters'. its sad that many begin following those type of people. ill never refer to them as Masters, Teachers or anything that holds even the slightest amount of respect.
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