Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks.

Postby Simon Batten » Mon May 07, 2007 10:46 am

Thanks, Bob and Louis. I've now been practising this movement for about a month following both your advices, and thanks again, Louis for everything. I've been rereading the Fu Zhong Wen form instructions for this movement, as well. I have now a new perspective on the meaning of the centre and am much more focussed on keeping the vertical axis at all times as well as the horizontal one. I have found that this helps in all movements, not just Twin Peaks, particularly in landing softly on the leading foot. I realise that I have been too apt to focus on the horizontal turning of the waist around the centre, which is good, but I have neglected the vertical element, but I feel I have now made significant steps to righting this, thanks to your advice, and my form practice has improved a great deal. Kind regards, Simon.
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