Yeung (Yang) Family Tai Chi Chuan Seminar

Yeung (Yang) Family Tai Chi Chuan Seminar

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Hello, I was thinking of attending the event I have listed below (this was posted on the homepage of I am interested just to see what is on offer, but before I do I was wondering if anyone knows much about the three members of the Yeung Ma Lee Student Asscociation. I have read what information is stated on and so far it sems quite impressive. But these three individuals have learnt from Yeung Ma Lee (2nd daughter of Yeung Sau Chung). I cannot find much on the internet about Yeung Ma Lee is she the current lineage holder for Yang family (style)?

Heung Gong Yeung Gar Tai Gik Kuen
(Hong Kong Yang Family Tai Chi Fist)
Sunday 30th September 2007
Yeung (Yang) Family Tai Chi Chuan Seminar

Open to Sifu's, Instructors and Students.

The only three members of the Yeung Ma Lee Student Asscociation, John Conroy, Jim Uglow and Joe Balthazar will be teaching Yeung (Yang) Family Tai Chi Chuan as taught to them by Yeung Ma Lee (2nd Daughter of Yeung Sau Chung). This open seminar is an opportunity for anyone to receive genuine instruction in the Yeung Family style. On the day you can meet, exchange and push hands with the only three westerners who are learning the direct and full family knowledge.

Anyone who is in doubt to the skill and knowledge as passed on to Yeung Ma Lee by her father will be able to satisfy themselves.
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