Comments invited on my Form postures.

Postby Audi » Sun Oct 14, 2007 11:16 pm

Hi Simon,

Sorry about the delay in responding, but I think I am still confused. In Fair Lady, the right hand is “pushing” in front of the chest. How can it then “deflect a downward punch to the head”? It would seem that such an application would be more appropriate to your movements in Bend the Bow, where your right fist is overturned above your head.

If Bend the Bow is indeed the application in which you deflect the downward punch with your right hand/arm. I would be interested in knowing how you get into that position. Are you circling your arm in a vertical counterclockwise circle? Are you raising it past your face? Do your arms pull apart as in Fan through the Back? When do you make your fist? Any thoughts?

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