push hands and "self-defense"

push hands and "self-defense"

Postby JohnK » Sat Feb 17, 2001 4:44 am

Hello all,
I am relatively new to Tai-Chi-Chuan, but through reading, research and practice have come to understand that Tai-Chi-Chuan has no real "sparring" per se but the practice of push hands is used in lieu of this. Any thoughts?
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Postby Steve » Thu Feb 22, 2001 8:10 pm

Actually, depending on the instructor, there can be several levels to partner-practice, including sparring (after all, developing reaction time without simulating real situations would be exceedingly difficult).

Generally, as I understand it, the process goes: Solo Form; Tui Shou (Push Hands); Da Lu (Large Rollback); San Shou (Dispersing Hands - partner form); Free Fighting. How and to what degree each is emphasized usually depends on the traditions of the instructor's school.

A good introduction to the process of learning the martial art of Taijiquan is in "The Power of Internal Martial Arts" by B.K. Frantzis.
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