Twelve meridians health Tai Chi

Twelve meridians health Tai Chi

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Twelve meridians health Tai Chi

教练 梅高峰 by master Feng Mei 03/06/2014

左面 Left side:

1, 行礼Respect

2, 起式Begin form

3, 肺经Lung meridian: 左野马分鬃left part the wild horse mane.

4, 大肠经Large intestine meridian: 右玉女穿梭right jade lady push shuttle.

5, 胃经Stomach meridian: 右金鸡独立right golden cock single leg standing.

6, 脾经Spleen meridian: 左单鞭下式left single whip down.

7, 心经Heart meridian: 右手挥琵琶right hold pipa.

8, 小肠经Small intestine meridian: 左闪通背left flash shoulder like spread fan.

9, 膀胱经Urination bladder meridian: 右转身搬拦捶,如封似闭 right turn body knock, block and punch with close and cover.

10, 肾经Kidney meridian: 十字手,右蹬一跟,双峰贯耳cross hand right push heel kick, punch ears with fists.

11, 心包经Pericardium meridian: 左云手left cloud hands(3).

12, 三焦经San Jiao meridian: 左单鞭left single whip.

13, 胆经Gallbladder meridian: 左白鹤亮翅left white crane open it wings.

14, 肝经Liver meridian: 退步右海底针step back right needle to the bottom of sea.

右面:同样但相反动作 Right side just opposite same movements

收式Close form

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