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Mastering Yang Style: Louis Swaim

PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:57 pm
by mls_72
I'd like to know more about Jin Lu "intrinsic pathway" as discussed by Fu Zhong Wen in the book Mastering Yang Style. I learned some it it back in mid-90's and have reflected on it recently. I heard that maybe Tung yie jie or Chen Wei ming also wrote heavily on Jin Lu pathways as a guide for fa jin emission.

Re: Mastering Yang Style: Louis Swaim

PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2015 5:43 am
by Louis Swaim
Greetings Matt,

I think that section (especially pages 39-42) in Fu Zhongwen's book on jindian 勁點 (energy points), yunjin 運勁 (moving jin), and jinlu 勁路 (jin paths) is one of the best features of the book. I think it's a succinct, intuitive way of understanding and expressing optimal body mechanics, but more importantly how the intent directs movement. As Fu stated, "In using the consciousness to thread to a given position, the consciousness arrives, then the jin arrives--the place where the consciousness is concentrated will then have a resulting sensation." (p. 42)

To my knowledge, neither Dong Yingjie nor Chen Weiming wrote extensively on jinlu. However, you might want to check out Chen Yanlin's writings in Brennan's translation here: ... en-yanlin/

Chen Yanlin used the term several times. In the section on Neutralization (huajin 化勁)it appears twice, where Brennan translates as "the path of his energy" and "the path of your energy." Then in the splendid section on Issuing (fajin 發勁),it appears in the opening sentence to an excellent paragraph that really summarizes jinlu: "When you begin to learn issuing, you should first know the pathways of energy [勁路]." Later, in the section on Break (jue 撅), it appears in the phrase, 而己亦不能知敵之勁路矣, which Brennan translates: "and you will also be unable to know the path of the opponent’s energy."


Re: Mastering Yang Style: Louis Swaim

PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:45 pm
by Jaxi
If you get a practice partner, the idea of consciousness before jin becomes so clear. I can lightly press on someone's wrist while 'sitting' my focus in their shoulder and the force goes to their shoulder. It's kinda similar to when you let your weight drop through your body, or let force down. The intent being through the whole body will allow force to flow through entirely, but if the intent stops at a certain point, the force stops there as well. Get a practice partner and press their arm while thinking 'elbow' then 'shoulder' then 'chest' then 'hip' then 'knee' and notice the different feelings you get, and physical reactions by them. If their structure is particularly weak, or your chi and mentality particularly strong at a certain point... they may stumble just from a light pressing. Good luck.