Postby Wushuer » Thu Feb 19, 2004 2:09 pm

I'll do that as soon as you tell me where you think the tantien is.
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Postby psalchemist » Thu Feb 19, 2004 6:42 pm

Greetings Wushuer,

Thanks for your reply.

You wrote,
<MY PERSONAL OBSERVATION on this, as I understand the question and according to what I know of both styles so far, would be that there is less of a range in directional turning of the tantien in Yang Cheng Fu style TCC, as I have learned it to this point, than there was in the Wu style as far I learned their transmission, which was considerably more than I've learned of Yang Cheng Fu style.>

Thanks for providing your knowledge on the matter.

Always interesting to note the similarities and differences between the various family styles.
Each of which can be equally appreciated for their own individual qualities.

Thanks for all the glimpses into Wu Style Taijiquan.

Thank you,
Best regards,
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