Practice Taichi via mindfulness? (Slow movement HD video)

Practice Taichi via mindfulness? (Slow movement HD video)

Postby Jeff Zen1 » Tue Mar 22, 2016 10:44 pm

Type "Jeff Zen 2015" in Youtube to find my video.
or click the link:

Hi all,
I have practiced my mindfulness via TaiChi for years. The results are quite impressive to me. Here above is the link to share with you about my practice video. I tried not to use main stream contest forms.

There are several reasons:
(1) Contest forms emphasize too much on external postures instead of the balance of both the internal and the external.
(2) If you watch Cheng Man-Ching (Taichi master) video, you can tell he won't be able to earn the Taichi contest prize because we expect everyone do the same external posture and those movements emphasize too much to external instead of inner world. He might fail the contest if he attends the contest now.
(3). Mindfulness practice applies to Taichi can raise Taichi from exercise, fighting, body & mind integration up to further level.

You are welcome to share your opinion regarding how you practice your TaiChi.

Jeff Zen1
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