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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2001 3:05 am
by nik79
Mr. Yang Jun,

i have come across this webpage stating 'AUTHENTIC YANG FAMILY TAI CHI'.

in just the introduction page alone, it speaks of (quote)"great Grand Master Fu Zhong Wen"(end quote) as being the lineage holder of Yang Tai Chi. it goes into this more, but it seems odd to me, cause the whole page never mentions Master Yang Zhen Duo nor yourself at all.

what is this page all about?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2001 3:10 am
by JerryKarin
Nik, could you tell us the url of the page you are talking about?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2001 6:45 am
by nik79
oh my, i cant believe i didnt put the URL's... sorry Image here they are:

(main page)

(worded lineage)

(Yang lineage tree)

these are some of the website pages i refered to.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2001 9:08 am
by JerryKarin
Nik, perhaps I can answer this, as it is a very simple matter. Let me first quote part of Yang Jun's post on the 'roots' topic (which is under the barehand 103-form forum):

"As to questions regarding the relationship of Fu Zhongwen to the Yang family, Yang Jianhou's second son Zhaoyuan (Yang Chengfu's second older brother, who died when quite young) had a daughter named Yang Cong who married a man from Yong Nian named Zhao Shutang. Zhao Shutang had a son named Zhao Bin and a daughter named Zhao Guizhen. Zhao Guizhen later married a man from Yong Nian named Fu Zhongwen. When Fu Zhongwen went to Shanghai to work in a textile factory, because he was a relative, he lived for a short time in the household of my great grandfather (Yang Chengfu). During the period that Yang Chengfu was in Shanghai, Fu Zhongwen learned Tai Chi along with others who were disciples of Yang Chengfu. Fu Zhongwen, because he was a relative by marriage, called Yang Chengfu 'San Lao Ye' or 'third maternal grandfather' and always referred to my grandfather and his brothers as 'jiu jiu' or ' maternal uncle'. Fu Zhongwen's relationship to the Yang family was that of a relative rather than a disciple. Later in Shanghai Fu Zhongwen practiced diligently and worked in a very positive way to promote and spread traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. He had students all over China as well as all round the world. Fu Zhongwen was a grandmaster who made huge contributions to the development of traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan."

As you can see from the quote, Fu Zhongwen was a relative by marriage to the Yang family, studied with Yang Zhenduo's father (Yang Chengfu) and was an important player in the same lineage. The site you have pointed out is run by Fu Shengyuan, Fu Zhongwen's son. Therefore that site represents another branch of the same lineage as Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun. If you look carefully in the family tree page which you cited, you can find Yang Zhenduo.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2001 3:34 pm
by nik79
ok. thanks for the clarification Image

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2001 4:06 am
by claudef
Greetings to sifu Yang Jun and all of you,

Since Master Yang Chengfu died when Master Yang Zhenduo was 10 years old, who is considered to be his teacher?

This discussion board is a great idea and I feel privilegied to interact with a member of the Yang family.


PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2001 4:57 am
by JerryKarin
Claude, please read Yang Jun's earlier response to this question in the second message on the roots topic, which can be found here

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2001 12:43 am
by claudef
Thanks Jerry. I printed that post. Is it possible that he also studied with Fu Zhongwen?