Short Forms

Short Forms

Postby greengk » Thu Mar 29, 2001 7:00 pm

I have been studying Cheng Man-ching's short form for some time including push hands and sword form. My teachers have practiced for a number of decades and consider their style Yang style. They often refer to and recommended books by and about people like Yang Cheng Fu and others in the Yang lineage. I have gained much from my practice and have great respect for my teachers. I have also gained much from my exposure to others in the Yang lineage.

However, I know that forms change due to the teachers. I am wondering what the Yang family would see as differences (other than length) between the CMC short form and the form the Yang family still teaches. The principles are the same and the movements are similar; but is there a difference in focus? Is there something that would be emphasized more in the Yang family's teaching? Would the Yang family consider Cheng Man-ching's form a yang style?

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Greg K.
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