Self Defense

Self Defense

Postby Mr. Istopher » Tue Oct 16, 2001 4:01 pm

The Taiji dropout rate is high, as I have heard said frequently, and so people need to be enticed or entreated to discover the richness of Taiji and make it a lifetime study. They also may need something of instant gratification, or assurance that they don't have to wait 20 years to take practical knowledge and apply in in every day life. Should students be taught basic self-defense as part of the taiji class so they can take something practical home before they learn how to develop martial ability using taiji principles (which, from my understanding, takes a long time to develop)? Should students also ideally be taught meditation as part of the Taiji curriculum?

This is assuming someone takes on the training of Taiji as a martial art, or training to incorporate martial art principles into their life.
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