Why is My Form Different?

Why is My Form Different?

Postby dpankey » Sat Jan 05, 2002 3:23 am

I have been practicing a Yang Style Long Form (108 moves) for about six years now. The form I learned was handed down with single and double push hands, Ta Lu, and San Shou. San Shou being the two person form. One thing I have noticed from watching Videos of others doing the 108 move long form, is that the form I learned is much different. I have recently watched the Yang Style Long form on videos, specifically "Terry Dunn" and "Doc-Fai Wong." Neither of these resemble the Yang Style Long Form I have been Practicing. The main difference being "Roll Backs" and "Sung Sink." The form I learned has many more transitional movements in the form of Roll Backs. Also, It has several Sung Sink motions within the movements. My instructors says our form is handed down from Ch'u Fong Chu, who learned it from Yang Cheng-Fu. I have not seen any mention of Ch'u Fong Chu in any Tai Chi literature or on the internet. (1) Do you have any records of Ch'u Fong Chu? (2) Do you know why my Yang Style Long Form is different than the ones shown on the tapes by Terry Dunn and Doc-Fai Wong? Also, I plan on becomming an instuctor, (3) Can I be certified with the form I know now?

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