A word from Master Yang Jun re the Bulletin Board

A word from Master Yang Jun re the Bulletin Board

Postby JerryKarin » Wed Jul 25, 2001 12:05 am

The Chinese text of Yang Jun's message can be found here . Unfortunately the last character of his message always gets cut off. It is 'qin1'. Chinese readers will understand. Here is a translation:

Hi everyone!

Thanks for visiting our website. You are welcome to participate on our discussion board. I thank you for your support of the the site and hope you will send us your valuable suggestions for how to improve it.

Our purpose in opening up this board is to supply a place for taiji enthusiasts to discuss questions and communicate with each other, so that through the medium of the discussion board, even more people will be encouraged to enjoy taiji, and taiji players can learn even more about the art. Chinese martial arts contain profound insights and comprise a broad spectrum of types. That each type is able to become popular is because of its supporters and adherents and the space allowed for it to exist. They should all receive the respect of every martial artist. Taijiquan is one type of martial art. It has a long history and is an ancient art which has become a part of the fabric of Chinese history and culture. Because this art, with its vast and lofty content, encompasses health maintenance and curing of illness, taming the emotions, improving interaction between people, as well as defensive and offensive techniques, it has gradually come to be treasured by more and more people. Everything is in a state of continuous development and taiji is no exception. It's normal that there should exist differing opinions about various issues in taijiquan. When we discuss these issues we should pay attention to the morality that goes with martial arts, and avoid hurting our web friends with excessive language, which would affect our solidarity and unity and turn this lofty art and culture into something debased and vulgar, a result no taiji enthusiast wants to see happen. Seek broad agreement with small differences, understand how to respect the talents of others and in so doing, receive their respect. Be a noble and refined player of taiji, don't let those departed elders look from below the yellow springs in sadness and dismay to find their taiji descendants engaged in never-ending bickering and squabbling.

I hope that everyone will unite in solidarity and together strive to develop taijiquan, and lastly that taiji can be one great family.

Yang Jun
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Re: A word from Master Yang Jun re the Bulletin Board

Postby dragon x » Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:20 pm

Thanx you for creating this site and bringing together all taiji players, Thanx you for lettin me register to use this forum. Soon
i will apply to becum a member of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association Please continue to be a voice and allow others to be a voice, for Taiji and for Martial Arts in general


DX :) :wink: :)
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