when did pushing hands became a contest?

when did pushing hands became a contest?

Postby rvc_ve » Thu Jan 08, 2004 9:16 pm

For a while now I've been wondering about the way contemporary practitioners view pushing hands now at days. It seem that instead of a very important sensitivity excercise created to enhance our taijiquan skills, it has turned into the ultimate expression of taiji fighting. After most people learn basic pushing hands, they brag about "taiji fighting skills" and think that this is the maximum expression of taiji combat... No wondern modern day martial artisis dont think taijiquan is any good for real fighting!!!!

Pushing hand is a very important practice that provide us with some basic skill such as listening, adhering, following the opponent's energy, identify his center of gravity, etc.

I dont think it was creates a a sports event or as a way of fighting. just like any other excersice, it helps to aquire a skill but its not the skill itself.

A wester boec can do pushups to increase his arm strenght, which will in turn increase his ability to punch. However, pushups are not boxing!!!! see my point????

I dont see any boxers having pushups competitions, so its just funny to see how a bunch of egomaniacs get off on having pushing hands tournaments in which they display skills more comparable to bad wrestling that taijiquan!!!!!

Just a thought...any more thought on this out there?
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