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translation research

Postby mls_72 » Mon Mar 03, 2003 4:01 am

i am looking to exchange translations of the doa, jian, and guen with anyone. however i need to get a copy of the saber form with chinese characters. here is something i did tonight. i want to clearly understand where these techniques are within the form.

Taiji dao fa from 13 yang shir taijiquan
Kan (Œ): Hack- large cutting movement
Dou (¨ï): chop- smaller cutting movement
Zhua (§ì): scratching
Gua (¨í): scraping- pommel strike
Liao (¼º)): holding up- left and right sword swing posture 3
Lu (¼i): draw back diagonally
Pi (¼A): split
Chan (±²): coil
Shan (º´): incite
Jie (ºI): intercept
Hua (·Æ): slip
Chan (¤Á): slice
Ci (¨ë): pierce- downward diagonal thrust in posture form 2

i also have some translations of straight sword and spear.

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