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Long staff form

Postby César » Sat Mar 27, 2004 2:47 pm


On this web site I have seen in the Tai Chi info section the following question: Which weapons are part of the original Yang family tai chi?
The answer is provided by Master Yang Jun, and it says: "The traditional Yang style actually doesn't have many weapons...The short weapons are the 67-move sword and 13-move sabre. Now the long weapons. We used to include the long spear (or Yang style 13-move spear), but later for safety reasons removed the spear head so that it became a long staff. The techniques for the staff remain the same as the original spear form..."
I have been wondering: Does anybody know if The Yang Family is still teaching long staff form to the public? Will there be a seminar about it some day? I would really like to know that.
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Postby rvc_ve » Tue Mar 30, 2004 1:50 am

The way I ws taught, There is no longer a complete traditional staff/spear form. It gos lost some how. Yang practitioners now at days practice individual techniques and matching (partner) practice.

There are some yang style staff forms practiced in china, but these are really contemporary forms created for exhibition and competition. As far as how close to the traditional ones they are I cant really say, since I have not practiced them.

I dont know if the Yang family actually has a complete set of if they tech it, but it would be nice to know. Perhaps Jerry can help us answer this question?
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