More on Jiang Yeuh Keung and other Yang Weapons forms

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More on Jiang Yeuh Keung and other Yang Weapons forms

Postby mls_72 » Wed Apr 07, 2004 9:38 pm

Now that I have mentioned some information about the Yang spear, now I can mention some information about the Yang Saber form that came from Master Jiang Yueh Keung with his training in Nanjing Martial arts school and Hangzhou.

According to this lineage there is another saber form besides the 13 saber that was taught that has handed down throught the 'hangzhou' lineage. I have not seen this form in 'Beijing', 'Shanghai', or 'Hong Kong' yang family taiji circles or any other for that matter. Tung family teaches an "Advanced" Saber form after the 13 saber form, however this one is not from Tung family or does it resemble anything from Wu family either. Once again the orgins are from what was taught by Yang chen fu in Nanjing Military acedemy where he was head of the Wudang section of the school.

I dont have the chinese words for this form, but Xianhao Cheng does from his notes from Jiang Yueh Keung- here is the translation of the postures from Xianhao.

Seven star left and right

white crane spreads wings

swing the saber

wind blowing on lotus leaves

open the window to view the moon

watch left, care left

cut left leg

ward off right and push forward

fair lady weaves shuttles

turn head back and watch moon

lion plays ball left and right

cut left leg

ward off right and slant pushing

snake opens the mountain

Scrape left and right

cut left leg

ward off right and push forward

dragon swings it tail

strike, hold up and chop

hold up and kick

golden flowers fall to the ground

swing over head

jump kick

strike tiger left and right

mandarin duck foot and jade ring step

twining overhead and push forward

boat landing left and right

rolling push

goose flapping wings

separing water

blue swallow dipping water

carp jumping over dragon gate

chopping three mountains

following wind wipes fallen leaf

holding saber

phoenix returns to nest .

That is about all I know of this Yang saber form and have learned it, but will take many many years of good practice to do it really really well.

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Postby Wushuer » Fri Apr 09, 2004 2:39 pm

It takes many years of hard practice to truly learn any TCC form. This one should be no different in that aspect.
I don't know too much about the Yang family saber form, as I haven't trained it yet. I do, however, have an in depth knowledge of the Wu Chien Chuan 108 posture broadsword/saber form, as I studied it for years under Sifu Wu Kwong (Eddie) Wu and Si Kung Wu Tai Sin, and continue to practice it to this day.
As you say you've seen the Wu forms and this form is different, what's so different about it?
Just curious. I love the saber/broadsword and am always glad to find out about other styles and how they work as opposed to the one I'm familiar with.
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