Short Weapon (Dao)

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Short Weapon (Dao)

Postby Micheal Wu » Fri Sep 03, 2004 4:43 am

Hi there! My name is Micheal Wu, and would like to konw is there aynone know about the 13 applications of Saber(Dao)? Kan, Duo, Pi, Jie, Liao, Ca, Ci, Chan, Shan, Lan, Hua, Hua, Kua. The sword(Jian) 13 applications are very clearly stated by Master Yang Zhen-Duo on the book Zong Guo Tai Ji Quan. Just like to know which of the Dao routine is Kan and which is Duo and etc. It is nice to hear that the American are doing a good job on the Yang Family Tai-Ji Quan and am glad that Master Yang Jun is there to teach all of you out there. All the best and hope to hear from all of you!! Thank you.
Micheal Wu
Micheal Wu
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