Re-education of Long Form

Re-education of Long Form

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I have been collaborating with Christopher Pei lately with san shou and Yang Taijiquan. Coach Pei was one of the early Yang Long form pioneers to host Yang Zhen Ji, Yang Zhen Dou, Yang Jun and he as well collaborated with Fu Zhong Wen and many other Yang Taijiquan teachers. It has opened my eyes to many details previous teachers have not shown me and I have been keeping some notes on the experience. I will share some here. Not sure they will make much sense, but I'll post them anyways.

Taijiquan: 11/22.

1x Long form
Taiji- yin and yang discussion.
yin first then yang. wu ji standing.
Taiji stances: taiji horse with feet aligned with L1 points.
taiji gong bu: knee perpendicular for structure integrity. push drill.
taiji empty- appear empty but something there- 3 stances. knee bend/kua drill.
raise hands: curved wrist and elbow (yin) raise to yang. Yin to yang. Partner push and pull testing drill.
grasp bird tail- elbow bend to wrist curved (hold ball) as qi-na for shoulder bump.


-Warm ups
-Grasp bird tail qi-na drill: pair off in stagard stance, opponent will punch- ward off, circle and wrist control, Into:
Ward off to control shoulder and elbow
Roll back horizontally when opponent works to coil escape,
Press attack to chest,
Opponent wards off and palm strikes,
Roll back and push- step and repeat as flow drill.

Cover the application in depth:
Qi-na of ward off: two joint control of shoulder and wrist.
Horizontal lu to counter elbow. Hands close lu, not down and not with hands separated.
Press to chest.

Long form with emphasis: grasp bird tail with above technique knowledge.
Correct Stance: not locking leg and knee/lower leg perpendicular.

Form correction: yin and yang: principal: cant have two yangs- after push (yang) contract (yin) when turning into single whip. Test with yanking in tie-up.

Body Principle: square up/close on extending arm with opposite arm and leg. angle diagonal open body on Same hand same leg. Test with rooting exercise.
-Diagonal fly- test with body theory. Dont square up!
-Single whip- diagonal open body. Front: test root. From hook hand test root. From both test root.
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