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DPasek wrote:You are likely referring to Peng, Lu, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou & Kao [the eight energies ‘in the hands’], but you probably have also heard of others (e.g. ting or listening, dong or understanding, as well as short and long, etc). Stuart Olson gives a translation of many types of Taijiquan jin in his book:


Peng, Lu, Ji, An, Cai, Lie, Zhou & Kao [the eight energies ‘in the hands’]
I would to point out, to the fact, that the eight terms in the above are not energies in the hands. They are the given names to the methods for how to issue the explosive force (勁, jin) from different parts of the body.

1. 掤(Peng): Issue Jin with a lower arm by pushing upward and outward
2. 履(Lu): Issuet Jin with the palms against a lateral force by pushing 30% downward and 70% toward the rear.
3. 擠(Ji): Issue Jin with the back of the hands pushing the opponent forward
4. 按(An): Issue Jin with the waist with the aid of the arms pushing the opponent forward.
5. 採(Cai): Issue Jin with the the fingers by holding the wrist and the elbow of the opponent
6. 列(Lie): Issue Jin with the both lower arms by pushing the opposing force upward or downward.
7. 肘(Zhou): Issue Jin with the elbow to strike the torso of the opponent
8.靠(Kao): Issue Jin with the shoulder, chest or back

In addition:
發勁(Fajin) To issue jin with any method of the above
聽勁(ting jin or listening jin: to feel the jin of the opponent by contact.
懂勁(dong jin or understanding jin): understanding one's own level of jin, in order, to feel the jin of the opponent.
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