Yang Fukui

Yang Fukui

Postby JerryKarin » Sun Aug 05, 2001 7:06 pm

Hi all.

The topic of Yang Fukui came up before on the old bulletin board, so I thought I would pass along some news from the Portland seminar.

Yang Zhenduo announced that he and other family members had thoroughly investigated this latter-day Yang Fukui and determined that the person depicted in recent magazine articles is not descended from Yang Zhenduo's uncle Yang Shaohou, indeed not related to them at all. Yang Zhenduo criticized the deception practiced by Yang Fukui, saying it contravened martial arts morality.
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Postby Arlen Kerbaugh » Tue Aug 07, 2001 8:00 am

This is exactly what I understood Yang Zhenduo to say about Mr Yang Fukui. I'm glad to see another confirmation as I have sent an email to "T'ai Chi Magazine" asking them to look into this situation. We do need to get resolution, one way or the other. Before I sent my email I contacted Yang Jun and he said to go ahead.

By the way, I really had a good time at the Portland seminar. So many things are much clearer now. And I met so many great people.
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