About Five Elements Direction

About Five Elements Direction

Postby feng » Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:46 pm

New evidence of TCM five elements' Qi directions

As we know in TCM the five elements direction is: wood Qi is

in east, fire Qi is in south, metal Qi is in west, water Qi is in

north, earth Qi is in center. No matter what, the five Qi always

flow these directions even in south sphere of earth. Why? I

found a new evidence of this theory.

At morning sun rise at east the earth energy is warm up, so

the trees(wood) grow up because wood light warm energy,

so east side indicate wood Qi which always warm up and

go up flow direction.

At noon time the sun is upright on the middle of the sky, during

this time the day is hottest time, but this is on north sphere of

earth, in south sphere of earth at noon time the sun should be

on north sky. why south still is fire? at here, we should clear a

concept of five elements, the five element is mean the five kind

flow of Qi(energy) which is wood Qi, fire Qi, metal Qi, water Qi

and earth Qi, it is not mean the object of wood, fire, metal,

water and earth.

We all know, the earth has magnetic energy field line is from

north pole to south pole, so during the sun Qi(fire energy) on

the noon time, the earth magnetic energy field line will pull the

fire Qi into south pole of earth, this is why south means "fire".

in TCM, and south west is the yin and yang limited border, the

sun Qi will cool down at southwest, why? because earth magnetic

energy field take in the fire(sun) energy into the center earth, so

this is "fire born earth", and then at west side is metal energy

because the sun is cool down and to night time will be water cold

energy, so the circle of five element Qi, is north water Qi born

east wood Qi born south fire Qi, born center earth Qi born west

metal Qi and born north water Qi, So in TCM, the earth is the

center pivot of five elements Qi.
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