I Ching - <Lian Shan><Gui Cang> and <Zhou Yi>

I Ching - <Lian Shan><Gui Cang> and <Zhou Yi>

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The guess idea of <I Ching>'s three editions of

<Zhou Yi>, <Lian Shan> and <Gui Cang>

By Feng Mei 12/13/2013

From Chinese translation, Lian Shan means "come out"; Gui Cang means "go in"; Zhou Yi means the "come out" and "go in" circle combined together.

So I guess, the afterheaven Bagua map <Lian Shan> which is Gen moutain gua(north east) as first gua, which was created by "Fu Xi Shi" and is the earlest <I Ching> edition.

The afterheaven Bagua map <Gui Cang> which is Kun earth gua(south west) as first gua, which was created by "Huang Di" and is the second <I Ching> edition.

The preheaven Bagua map < Zhou Yi> which was created by "Zhou Wen Wang" and is the third <I Ching> edition.

Lian Shan Bagua map number:




Gui Cang Bagua map number:




Zhou Yi Bagua map number:




Nine palace map number:




From above number we know: Lian Shan is "Luo Shu" number list; Gui Cang is "He Tu" number list; Zhou Yi is the nine palace number tilt list.

Based on the nature rules of :

At each year November(11/1), water star shows on the north sky, it is winter, there is ice on the earth. So, sky(yang) 1st(November) born water, earth(yin) 6th hold it.Which is: 1-->6 water.

At each year July(7), fire star shows on the south sky, it is summer, it is very hot weather like fire on the earth. So, earth(yin) 2nd born fire, sky(yang) 7th(July) hold it. Which is: 7-->2 fire.

At each year March(3), wood star shows on the east sky, it is spring, wood grow on the earth. So,sky(yang) 3rd(March) born wood, earth(yin) 8th hold it. Which is: 3-->8 wood.

At each year September(9), metal star shows on the west sky, it is Fall, Fall weather like metal cool down and sink down everything on the earth. So,Earth(yin) 4th born metal, sky(yang) 9th(September) hold it. Which is: 9-->4 metal.

At each year May(5), earth star shows on the center sky, it is the damp heat weather, five elements all on the center earth location. So, Sky(yang) 5th(May) born earth, earth(yin) 10th hold it. Which is Center 5/10 earth.

So <Lian Shan> is the counter clockwise direction the five elements kill each other.

<Gui Cang> is the clockwise direction the five elements born each other.

Why the <Zhou Yi> is the tilt list of nine palace number?

I conference, the ancient Chinese found the earth magnetic energy field line is tilt from north east to south west direction.
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