Wan Lai Sheng vs. yang Cheng Fu

Wan Lai Sheng vs. yang Cheng Fu

Postby Francesco » Fri Jun 03, 2005 1:03 pm

I read an article on taichi-online.com, from which following exerpt comes:

"In any event his own teacher, Yang Cheng-fu was defeated in Peking in the mid-1930s by Wan Lai-sheng, a hard stylist. (Wan is listed in 'Asian Fighting Arts' by Draeger and Smith as practising Tzujan Men - Spontaneous Boxing). I should point out that, as soon as he heard of Yang's defeat, Wu Jin-chuan of Wu style Tai Chi sought out and defeated Wan. At that time Yang was about 50 years of age while Wu was 13 years older! Funnily enough Wan still lives in Peking - teaching Tai Chi!"

Does anybody have any info on this? Is this true?

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