I Ching 64 gua explain

I Ching 64 gua explain

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I Ching 64 gua explain by Feng Mei

Qian Gua

(1) “Qian”, this gua is showing all yang yao, two Qian gua put together, Qian means strong and hard, two
Qian together means hard straight never bend, the Qi of Yang very strong, Qian gua means the things such as

the people or matters in the government department, police department or law court etc.. Qian means

sky, unlimited huge and cover the earth, also means six dragons fly on the sky, Qian is sky, Kun is earth, they

are everything’s father and mother, sky and earth communicate each other and born the world. This is

the meaning of the six dragons fly at sky and cover everything of the world.


(2) “Gou”, this gua shows Qian gua is above, Xun gua is below, Qian means old male, Xun means old girl, so it

has meaning of old male or father meet with old female(old girl) and have sex together, this is not correct

sex, Qian means sky, yang and hard; Xun means wind, yin and soft; yin meet yang, the Qi is attract together,

soft attract hard, they meet together, this is not ideal of wife and husband, and the Gou gua has only one yin

yao with five yang yao, means one female has five husbands, for fortune means this female is not a good girl,

is lustful and not chaste.So if you get this gua for marry, it means ‘don’t marry to this girl’ or this girl is not good

to become your wife. The name of this gua ‘Gou’ has the meaning of sex appointment, also means this wife

may has sex relationship with other males, this is wind meet cloud, or suddenly marry and suddenly

divorce meaning.


Dun Gua

(3) “Dun”, this gua shows sky Qian is above, mountain Gen is below, it has the meaning of there is a cave in

the mountain and from the cave look up to the sky is very small, means separate from outside world

like superbeing’s world also. main gua name “Dun” means escape, survival, avoid or vanish, this gua has two

yin yao, yin yao means Xiao Ren which is the perosn with low position, yang yao means Jun Zi which is the

person with high position or leader. If the Xiao Ren inside the center become the leader, the Jun Zi is kept

away outside, then the Xiao Ren will control Jun Zi, the Jun Zi will escape to the mountain, if normal people

get this gua, fortune means this person will escape to avoid something. This also means the mountain cat

escape inside the mountain,or Jun Zi keep the God’s Dao and leave the devil’s Dao.


Pi Gua

(4) “Pi”, sky Qian is above, earth Kun is below, the three yin yao inside, three yang yao outside, means

Xiao Ren(the people should follow the Jun Zi)control the decision, JunZi(the people who is the true leader)

will escape outside. Pi means none or blocked, the yin and yang is not communicate, everything in the world is

not develop. In the matters of human world means: dark or blocked, the Xiao Ren get the rights, Jun Zi lost

the rights and be kept away. In the matters of family means: husband and wife don’t love each other, divorce

or separate live in different places. The sky above and earth below will follow the people’s hope that is when

the “Pi” go to the polarity, the “Tai” will come back, but Pi gua in fortune is not a good answer of everything,

it shows on a person means this guy outside is hard, but inside is weak, only has surface strong showing,

but in fact is a very weak person. Pi is sky and earth not communicate each other and family member not

love each other’s meaning.


Guan gua

(5) “Guan”, this gua shows wind Xun above, earth Kun below, wind flow on the earth, everything grow up,

the country become rich, people’s position lift up. Guan has the meaning of look, inspect, wait or showing.

Before the Dao shows to people, people all should respect and pay attention to the leader. Fortune of this

gua, means you will have to travel and visit the exhibitions, or wait to see the conditions. Guan is the

meaning of the clouds turning on the clear sky, spring flowers open.


Bo gua

(6) “Bo”, this gua shows mountain Gen is above, earth Kun is below, Gen is mountain locate at outside

gua, the mountain is high and dangerous, and will fall down the people, yin yao is growing up, only one

yang yao is above on the top may not be steady, must be careful deed and speech, should not go

on action by yourself. means fall down, peel off, erode. This gua is yin strong and yang weak, yin and yang

not balance, Xiao Ren(person should follow Jun Zi) get high position, so Jun Zi(person should be leader)

will bear Xiao Ren, wait condition become good, and then go on action. Fortune on working, you may lost

position in your department, and your salary will become lower. Bo means old gua will gone, wait for

the new gua come, shows of Junzi lost their positions.


Jin gua

(7) “Jin”, this gua shows fire Li is above, earth Kun is below, above Gua Li means eyes, below Gua Kun means

earth, it is like the sun light shining on the earth, everything soft and follow it. The honest person’s position

will be lifted up. “Jin” means progress, lift up, promote forward or upgrade or meet high level position. Fortune

on this Gua, means the person will advance go upgrade and progress forward, may progress and promote his

business become bigger, or lift his position up to higher leader lever etc.. “Jin” means the dragon sword come

out of its box, the minister meet his king.


Da You Gua

(8) “Da You” this Gua shows Li fire above, Qian sky below, the number fifth yao is yin yao(from below to

up) is the king position, this yin yao coordinate with the yang Qian sky, means the heaven law execute to

people, all the people will follow it. The name of this Gua is “Da You”, means all the people will get

great rich or wealthy. “Da You” Gua is opposite with “Tong Ren” Gua, it means coordinate with other

people will get great success, coordinate and humble communicate with people will get help from other

people, all the people will follow you. “Da You” shows “the house is full of gold and jades, the sun is

shining in the middle of the sky”.


Kan gua

(9) “Kan”, this gua shows one yang yao sink into the middle of two yin yao, two Kan gua put together, it

shows, the dangerous condition happens again and again, on the other hand, yang yao is in the middle

of yin yao, means surface is weak but inside is yang and truly strong, so it means honest to do things

or speak, do things could be smoothly. Kan gua means difficult and frustrate happens of doing something,

Kan means sink or sink into some bad conditions or dangerous conditions. Kan is water, water always

turning to downward, but water is smoothly and never end of long source. So Kan means boat on the

dangerous river water condition, but strong and truth are inside the weak condition.


Jie gua

(10)”Jie” this gua shows Kan water above, Dui Lake below, the shape of Dui gua like a container or similar

things, so this gua shows water flow into the container, lower place or lake, means things be contained or

be taken in. The name of this gua is “Jie”, Jie also has the means like bamboo joints, has the meaning

of stop and separating, also means controlling or save economy. The water flow into lake, and fill

up then will overflow, so means things must be stopped at a level or degree, should not be too much like water

flow too much into a container, like human being’s behavior should be restrained by law, not be too much

intemperate. And human being should save or economy at something like energy or wealthy etc. “Jie” means

the boat go into the big wind water area should be stopped, also means the weather has the changing from

cold to warm or warm to cold, there are mark days between it.


Tun gua

(11) “Tun”, this gua shows water Kan above means rain, wood Zhen below, the thunder call the rain come

and moist grass and trees everything on the earth, so it is has the meaning of growing. This gua named “Tun”,

means grasses and trees are in the sprout condition on the earth, but this procedure is very difficult. Tun

also means stop, store, stay. Fortune on this gua, means products storage, stay in the warehouse, or the

things just been shaped at the original condition. Tun shows the dragon on the shadow water, everything

just growing up not mature yet.


Ji Ji gua

(12) “Ji Ji”, this gua shows above water Kan gua, below fire Li gua, water is cooked above fire, can cook food

and drink or eat to benefit thirsty or hungry people. yin yao and yang yao of this gua all in perfect position.

This gua named “Ji Ji” means success and very good condition, fortune on this gua shows most of things are

difficult to be perfect, because when the condition become too good, it will turn to opposite(bad) condition.

“Ji Ji” has the meaning of success, but in fact, it is during the procedure of the things, and not success yet,

so, it has opposite meaning also. “Ji Ji” means the boat flow on the river, yin and yang coordinate condition.


(13) “Ge”, this gua shows Dui lake above means moist, Zhen thunder below means fire, put the beast fur into

the water to moist, and then put it on fire to bake become leather. Ge means change, advance means

revolution, upgrade or update. On human things means change the old life style, update new life style

to make progress the human society’s development. Fortune means change original job to do a new

business, find a new job or way out. Also means cancel the old style and build new style of things.

Most people meet this gua will change their old job to find a new job. Ge means the jackal become a tiger,

update the old style to become a new style.


Feng gua

(14) “Feng”, this gua shows thunder Zhen above means action and drum, fire li below means light, actively.

This is showing of people wear beautiful clothes and dancing with music of drums, celebrate the harvest of

the year, Feng is big cup fill of food, very rich, has the harvest and celebration meaning, also means happy

new year and the fireworks everywhere, a kind of happy society scene, Feng means the sun in the middle

of sky, everything back the dark face the light.


Ming Yi gua

(15) “Ming Yi”, this gua shows Kun earth yellow color above, Li fire red color below, look like a person

injury and bleeding pus, the pus is yellow, the blood is red, so this gua named “Ming Yi”, Yi means injury.

This gua obviously shows injury meaning. On fortune, this gua shows this person got injury and should go

surgery meaning. “Ming Yi” shows the phoenix broken its wings, the sun from brightening sink into darkness.


Shi gua

(16) “Shi”, this gua shows earth Kun gua above, water Kan gua below, only one yang yao on the second level,the

others all yin yao, means one commander lead a lot of soldiers go to war, so this gua named “Shi”,Shi means

military or army, Shi gua has the meaning of a lots of soldiers in long long file to participate the war. Fortune

on this gua, means a lot of people will join or participate the group, the growing condition is powerful and can

not be stopped, Shi gua means the fly horse outstanding of the horses group, single person lead the group



Gen gua

(17) “Gen”, this gua shows two Gen mountains overlap together, means obstructs layer upon layer,it is very

difficult to go on things,so it has stop meaning. Gen gua means stop or stop and stay. Gen is mountain,

it is two mountains plus together, and very high into the clouds, it is very difficult to climb the mountains.

Gen gua means the fish avoid the web, many a little makes a mickle.


Bi gua

(18) “Bi”, this gua shows Li fire below, Gen mountain above, mountain means wall, fire means

brightening and shining, so it is means beautiful color inside the wall, people decorate the house walls with

beautiful color, so it is Bi gua, Bi means decorate, advance means apply cosmetics, make up, fixture,

wrap up or painting. Fortune on this gua means decorate the house, or self make up, fortune on jobs

means make up,fixture, gifts, flowers etc. business. Bi gua means the fierce tiger stand against a big

rock, shows smoothly unblockly shining.


Da Xu gua

(19) “Da Xu”, this gua shows Qian sky below, Gen mountain above, Qian gua means stong and action, but

Gen gua means obstruct and stop, so Qian is stopped by Gen, Da Xu means the person inside heart is strong

and want action, but the surface is be hold and stopped, means be hold or stopped by something or save

energy for future action. Da Xu also means personal property domestic animals such as: horse, donkey,

ox etc.. Fortune on travel means will be hold or stopped by someone and stay a long time in somewhere.

Da Xu means the dragon hide inside the deep mountain gutter, many a little makes a huge.


Sun gua

(20) “Sun”, this gua shows, Gen gua mountain above, Dui gua lake below, Dui also means cave or lack,

so this gua means the mountain be stolen empty by a cave, there is a cave or gap in the mountain.

Also means loophole, decrease, damage or loss, so named “Sun”, Sun in Chinese means loss, deficit,

damage or break. Fortune on this gua for property is not a lucky meaning, means business loss. Fortune

on things, means the things will be damage or broken. Sun gua means break the stone to find the jade, store

the earth to make a mountain.


Kui gua

(21) “Kui”, this gua shows Li fire above, Dui lake below, fire goes up, and lake water flow down, so this gua

has the meaning of run opposite direction, leave away or go against. in the Xu Gua Chuan: when family

become poor, the family members must be perverse or contrary to reason, so it named Kui, Kui means

separate or not conform. Hence, Kui gua means when the family become poor, the family members will

contrary to reason and separate each other. On fortune, for marriage and together business, it will be

divorce or separate away. Kui gua means the fierce tiger fall into trap, two girls live together and stare at

each other.


Lu gua

(22) “Lu”, this gua shows sky Qian above, Dui lake below, Qian means old man , Dui means young girl

and metal element, old man sex with young girl is not correct relationship, and metal should inside earth,

but it show out under the sky, means this female naked under the sky, this means this female is not a good girl.

Lu also means practice, executive or shoes, : “Lu, shoes for feet, so Lu is shoes”. : wealth need courtesy,

means people get rich, also need good manners and rules to do matters. Lu means “step on the tiger’s tail,

should be careful and need avoid dangerous during the safety condition”.


Zhong Fu gua

(23) “Zhong Fu”, this gua shows Xun wood above, Dui water below, means a boat on the water, good for wade

the big canyon river, Zhong fu, Zhong means middle and upright, Fu means believe, so Zhong Fu means

faith and believable. Zhong Fu shows the people very poor even use globefish as offering to worship god

before wade the dangerous river, but people’s faith can melt the god’s heart. So this gua means good luck,

god will help you wade the dangerous river.


Jian gua

(24) “Jian”, this gua shows Xun gua wind above means smoothly gradually go forward, Gen gua mountain below means stop. So Jian gua means people’s words and deeds should have courtesy, go and stop should have

courtesy. the second yao is yang yao and fifth yao is yang yao, means the yang yao on the correct positions.

Jian gua shows the female going to marry and her words and deeds very courtesy. Jian gua means the girl

going to marry. Also means gradually smoothly go forward. Jian gua shows the trees growing on the high

mountain, many a little makes a huge.


Zhen gua

(25) “Zhen”, this gua shows two Zhen gua thunder overlap together, means action, scare, be careful,

thunder, also means older boy, this is Kun gua the first yin yao change to yang yao, means the earth

be thunder shocked, the electronic thunder hits the ground. Zhen gua shows”the thunder’s sound

shock the earth hundreds miles away, people only can hear the sound but not see the thunder’s shape.”


Yu gua

(26) “Yu”, this gua shows Zhen gua thunder above, Kun gua earth below, only the fourth yao is yang yao,

the other all yin yao, the yang yao means teacher, the yin yaos mean students, so this gua advance means

education. The students love learn knowledge from the teacher, the teacher like to teach the students,

both of them very happy. This gua shows good to teach and go to school for education. Yu gua shows:

the phoenix born babies, everything in the world growing up.


Jie gua

(27) “Jie”, this gua shows Zhen thunder above, Kan water below, Kan water inside also means dangerous or

difficult condition, Zhen thunder outside means action, advance means resolve the problem condition,

and come out from the dangerous condition, so this gua named Jie means resolving or resolve the

problem, also means to dispel the dangerous problem conditions. Jie gua shows spring thunder bring the rain,

the dry condition gone and happiness come.


Heng gua

(28) “Heng”, this gua shows Zhen thunder above, Xun wind below, Zhen older boy marry with Xun older

girl, this is correct marriage, this marriage can keep long time, Heng means long time forever and

constant. Also means insist on something, if you insist keep long time on doing something without stop,

you will success. Heng gua shows: The sun and moon foever brightening, forty years old person not give up



Sheng gua

(29) “Sheng”, this gua shows Kun earth above, Xun wind below, earth is above the wood(Xun is the wood

of coffin also), means the coffin bury in to the earth, the person died and bury into the earth. Fortune on

illness means sick and died and put the coffin on high mountain to bury. Go to high mountain to bury

advance means get higher level in next life. Fortune on government position means the person’s position

will upgrade and get advancement on higher level position. “Sheng” shows the bird fly to high sky, the

person’s future is brightening.


Jing gua

(30) “Jing”, this gua shows water Kan above, wind Xun below, spring wind come and trees grow, good to wood

trade in the market, so Xun also means trade, Xun also means very near the prosperous market can earn

3 times profit. Jing means well(market and well or trade place). Ancient time the well and cultivated land

together make a village, the village people all need come to well get water and trade in the near market place.

Because well can’t be moved, but village can be changed, so fortune on personal location means stay in a place

do not move, abide by rules will be good. “Jing” shows the trees hide inside the deep valley, keep in quiet and

normal condition.


Da Guo gua

(31) “Da Guo”, this gua shows Dui lake above, Xun wind below, second and fifth yao all yang yao is in correct

position. internal gua is Xun wind means soft follow, external gua is Dui means happy, so soft, happy

and follow together means easy to get other people’s help, fortune on things, go forward will get success.

Da Guo in Chinese means big change term, special action, advance means too much action, may change the

condition, also means big action cause big change. Da Guo shows the trees open flowers in winter,

not show any weakness of the cold weather.


Sui gua

(32) “Sui”, this gua shows Dui lake above, Zhen thunder below, inside is hard, outside is soft and happy,

so means everything can be followed and happy, fortune on travel means follow a company together go out,

fortune on job means the job is body guard etc., fortune on personal agreement means agree and follow.

Sui shows good jade be carved, follow the water direction push the boat.


Xun gua

(33) “Xun”, this gua shows above gua and below gua both are Xun wind, wind is soft and easy to get into

anywhere, very economy, in personality means humble and soft good to do commercial trade, and very easy

get chance to get profit. Xun shows wind flow above grasses, wind flow and the grasses will follow be bent.


Xiao Xu gua

(34) “Xiao Xu”, this gua shows Xun wind above, Qian sky below,only fourth yao is yin yao, the other yao all

yang yao, yang is strong and yin is weak, yin energy means wind, so the wind is weak and not enough power

to flow, be temporary obstructed and stopped, but later will flow smoothly. Advance means little retention.

Also means small domestic animals(chickens, dogs,ducks,gooses etc.). Xiao Xu shows the treasured sword

hide inside the box, dark cloud stay in the sky but no rain yet.


Jia Ren gua

(35) “Jia Ren”, this gua shows Xun wind above, Li fire below, inside is fire, fire heat the air to outside

become wind, wind can make fire more prosperous also, both depend each other, advance means family

members’ good relationship, special means the wife’s position is very important, the wife control the

family matters correct, the family will more prosperous. Fortune on family matters lucky. Jia Ren shows:

go to the sea to get the pearl, the flowers open and get the seeds.


Yi gua

(36) “Yi”, this gua shows Xun wind above, Zhen thunder below, the second yao is yin yao, the fifth yao is yang

yao, they all in correct position, Zhen thunder means action, also means good to go forward. Xun wind

with action Zhen together means the boat get the wind active to go forward, good to go over the big canyon.

Advance means get the benefit, help and profit for the the action. Yi shows the big bird meet wind to fly high,

the lake get the water from the rivers.


Wu Wang gua

(37) “Wu Wang”, this gua shows, Qian sky above, Zhen thunder below, above sky means action, below thunder

means action too, both together means action. Action should in order, not out of order, otherwise will

upset, may disaster happens, so advance means do something faithful and behave well by rules,

otherwise may accident happens. Wu Wang shows the jade hide inside the stone, keep in old ways.


Shi Ke gua

(38) “Shi Ke”, this gua shows Li fire above, Zhen thunder below, Li fire means bright and clear, Zheng thunder means action and majestic. Advance means the court of law is bright and powerful, fortune on things good to see the justice, use law’s power to revolve problem. Also the first and sixth yang yao means above and below jaws, the fourth yang yao means the hard food, so use the jaws power bite the hard food to small pieces good to eat. Advance means bite, taste, check, chew, and punishment. Also means use jail’s power to control the crime, good to see the court. Shi Ke shows the market of the noon time, good to have lunch.


Yi gua

(39) “Yi”, this gua shows Gen mountain above, Zhen thunder below, Gen means stop, Zhen means action,

after action will be stop and rest, good to recuperation, everything get convalesce. The first and sixth yao

means upper and lower jaws, so Yi means maintaining, self eat food and nutrition for own body health.

Fortune on things means self find a job or find a way to live. Yi shows the dragon hide in a clear water

lake, good to near good things and keep away from bad things.


Gu gua

(40) “Gu”, this gua shows, Gen mountain above, Xun wood below, mountain means stop, wood also means

the insects eat the wood, and the wood will be broken, so the mountain will collapse by the insects.

Fortune on governments means corruption or enchant the people’s heart. So the country will corruption,

people’s heart slack not gathered as one. Gu shows three poison insects eat the blood, use bad things to hurt

the good things.


Li gua

(41) “Li”, this gua shows two Li fire overlap together, means bright and beautiful, good to write articles, not

good to go war, because Li means civil not means military, fortune on marriage means divorce or separate.

If fortune on married people means probably divorce. Li shows the bird meet web, the sky is brighten.


Lu gua

(42) “Lu”, this gua shows Li fire above, Gen mountain below, means fire on the mountain, also means the

sunset on the mountain, the animals and people will leave away from their mountain live location and

travel to other places. Mountain means stop or maintain the achievement, fire means happen and bright,

but too happy will fire happen, and destroy the achievement, lost the maintaining. Fortune on things, mean

first happy then lately sad, also means travel and go out of home, also means rent a house or borrow a

location to live in. Lu shows the bird’s nest been fired, too happy will lead to sad things happen.


Ding gua

(43) “Ding”, this gua shows Li fire above, Xun wood below, wood fire is for cook food, so Ding advance

means the ancient cauldron for cook foods, also means the king’s majestic power and the tool for offer

sacrifices to god or ancestors. Sometimes the king order to cast the law’s rules on the Ding for majestic

power, when the new king ascend, the first thing is cast a Ding, and issue the law rules, for auspicious

and lucky. So Ding means ceremonious. Ding shows harmony and ceremonious, the new one instead the old one.


Wei Ji gua

(44) “Wei Ji”, this gua shows Li fire above, Kan water below, usually the water cover the fire can success to

save the fire, so water below the fire advance means not success to do something. This gua every yao all in

incorrect location, means the condition is very bad, still in the changing condition, but fire means bright,

it means there is good hope in the future. Wei Ji shows go to the stone bottom ocean to find pearls, there is

hope inside the worrying condition.


Meng gua

(45) “Meng”, this gua shows Gen mountain above, Kan water below, Gen means stop, Kan means dangerous, Meng means person meet dangerous condition should be stopped, and don’t know how to do the next step. Advance

means the children or students don’t know things, should ask the teacher questions. So Meng means teach

and don’t know or education. Everything in the world must has beginning condition and puerile term, need

education immediately. Fortune on things means just begin to do or want to do something, and thing is in the

original beginning condition. Meng shows the person hide the treasures for waiting at the beginning

condition, everything in the world just in the original beginning condition.


Huan gua

(46) “Huan”, this gua shows Xun wind above, Kan water below, means the wind blow the ice river and melt the

ice, the ice broken dispersed, but if the temperature is low, the water still can become back to ice. Fortune on

residence house, means the Feng Shui is not good, not gather the Qi, energy dispersed. Fortune on human

affairs, means the people’s heart no gather as one, been dispersed, people will separate and leave each

other. Huan shows push the boat follow the river flow direction, big wind blow everything away.


Song gua

(47) “Song”, this gua shows Qian sky above, Kan water below, sky means powerful and go up way,

water means dangerous and go down way, then the sky and water is opposite. So Song advance means

two persons’ opinions go opposite ways, they argue and need to see the judge to figure out who is correct.

Fortune on things means contention of mouth and tongue and need judicial action, even lawsuit.

Song shows the strong eagle try to catch the rabbit, sky and water go opposite directions.


Tong Ren gua

(48) “Tong Ren”, this gua shows Qian sky above, Li fire below, Sky means strong go up, fire means bright

also go up. So Tong Ren advance means two people’s opinions are the same direction, same thinking way,

same fate, same destiny. Advance means go together with same kind of people. Tong Ren shows the fishes

swim flow the water flow, two persons together share the gold.


Kun gua

(49) “Kun”, this gua shows two Kun earth gua overlap together, means earth, earth under the sky, hold

and endure everything on the earth, so Kun means soft and follow, the earth energy is sooth and openly and

is pure yin energy, benefit everything, Kun earth is everything’s mother of the world also. Kun shows the

huge earth mother born every things in the world, king and minister are coordinate each other.


Fu gua

(50) “Fu”, this gua shows Kun earth above, Zhen thunder below,only one yang yao shows on the below, all

above are yin yao, allegory the sun yang energy re-born from the horizon earth, the daytime is coming back. So Fu advance means come back, return or change back. The yin and yang are circle turning forever, everything is

the same way, life and growth in nature. Fortune on things means return, or change back. Fu shows dig the

sands to find the gold, repeat to change.


Lin gua

(51) “Lin”, this gua shows Kun earth above, Dui lake below. The above earth’s water flow down to the lake,

the below lake water nourish the above earth. So Lin advance means high position leader with low position

people are coordinate each other, earth means soft and follow, lake means happiness. Also Lin means yin

descent and yang ascent, fortune on things means no matter what kind of emergency condition come, just

optimistic to face it will good luck to resolve the problem. Lin shows the phoenix come into the chickens

group, the above meet the below.


Tai gua

(52) “Tai”, this gua shows Kun earth above, Qian sky below,sky energy go down, earth energy go up, means

sky and earth communicate each other, advance means developing everything is very good. So Tai means go

smoothly and peaceful, the Tai also means the season of spring month everything growing up. Tai shows sky

and earth energy communicate each other, intercourse each other.


Da Zhuang gua

(53) “Da Zhuang”, this gua shows Zhen thunder above, Qian sky below, the thunder happen above the sky,

very loud, clear and vibrant. So Da Zhuang means very strong and powerful. There are four yang yao together

means strengthen, the yang energy very strong allegory gentleman’s power. Da Zhuang shows the goat use

horn to break the hedge, begin difficult and easy lately.


Guai gua

(54) “Guai”, this gua shows Dui lake above, Qian sky below, Lake water steam above the sky become rain come

down, advance means clean the world or keep away the dirty things. So Guai means keep away the bad

things or rupture. Also means the lawsuit judge result come out or cry. Guai shows good relationship

become bad relationship and rupture, get the benefit from the dangerous condition.


Xu gua

(55) “Xu”, this gua shows Kan water above, Qian sky below, the water cloud above the sky but there is not rain

yet, the third, fourth and fifth yao compose as Li fire gua, means noon time bright day no rain. Kan means

dangers, Qian means action, so this gua means there are dangerous in front of action, so advance means

wait till the condition good to action. Xu shows the the water cloud in the middle of sky, not rain yet.


Bi gua

(56) “Bi”, this gua shows, Kan water above, Kun earth below, the ocean water is hold by the earth, the earth is

nourish by the water, so water and earth depend each other, so Bi means love each other, depend each other,

neighbor each other, advance means together each other, competition each other or similar each other. Only

the 5th yao is yang yao, the other all yin yao, means the king control the people, people depend on the king,

they peace each other and lucky each other, Bi shows the stars shining on the sky, water flow above the earth.


Dui gua

(57) “Dui”, this gua shows, two Dui lake overlap together, above Dui means rain, below Dui means lake,

rain come down to the lake, so the sky water and earth water connect together, communicate each other,

advance means two friends need help and help each other with happiness or fill vacancy each other.

Dui shows the lake water nourish everything, sky water rain come down fill the lake water.


Kun gua

(58) “Kun”, this gua shows Dui Lake above, Kan water below, the water go under the lake’s bottom mud, the

water of lake be perplexed by the mud can not show out. Advance means very difficult condition happened.

In this gua yang yao in the middle, yin yao on the outside, yang yao means leader’s power, yin yao means low

position person’s power, so the leader’s power is perplexed by low position person’s power, the leader face a

difficult condition can not show out his power of leading. Fortune on things, means someone be puzzled or

perplexed by some problems which are difficult to resolve. Kun shows the river is dried, should be quiet

and waiting the good time come for action.


Cui gua

(59) “Cui”, this gua shows Lake Dui above, earth Kan below, means the water be gathered on the earth become

big lake nourish everything on the earth and benefit people. Fortune on things mean be gathered,

assemble, get together or meeting etc.. Cui shows the dragon, fishes and shrimps together in the water of lake.


Xian gua

(60) “Xian”, this gua shows lake Dui above, mountain Gen below, so the lake water surround the top of

mountain, mountain body hold the lake water, advance means the male and female’s love each other.

Boy pursue love the girl, mountain means boy, lake means girl, mountain means hug, lake means happy.

Advance means the love is beautiful. Fortune on marriage means good luck to marry the girl. Fortune on

things means male and female’s love will happen. Xian shows mountain and lake communicate each other,

faith will have the feeling of spirit.


Jian gua

(61) “Jian”, this gua shows Kan water above, Gen mountain below, on the mountain the water flow

down cause collapse dangerous, advance means difficult condition or difficult to walk. Gen means stop,

Kan means dangerous, mountain is high, the water is dangerous, the future’s road is very difficult and

dangerous, should stop not go on. Fortune on things, mean someone be entangled by something can

not go on the affair. Jian shows the the flying goose hold a calabash in mouth, someone back the bright face

the dark.


Qian gua

(62) “Qian”, this gua shows, Kun earth above, Gen mountain below, mountain should higher above the earth,

but now the mountain is under the flat earth, means the person very humble with high level knowledge.

Advance means the person can control his emotion, and shows soft attitude to other people. Qian shows the

mountain on the earth, look up very high, look down very deep.


Xiao Guo gua

(63) “Xiao Guo”, this gua shows Zhen thunder above, Gen mountain below, the thunder happen on the

mountain, so people climb the mountain will be scared and careful, advance means high place will

dangerous, low place will safety. High place means big thing, low place means small thing, fortune on

doing small things will be Ok easy to pass. Also means be careful don’t make mistake like climb the mountain.

And the middle two yang yao like a bird’s body, the outside 4 yin yao like a bird’s wings, so Xiao Guo looks

like a fly bird. Xiao Guo shows the flying bird make a sound, go up is difficult, go down will be easy.


Gui Mei gua

(64) “Gui Mei”, this gua shows Zhen thunder above, Dui lake below, thunder may cause rain to full the lake,

means male and female’s sex life, advance means marriage. Zhen means old boy, Dui means young girl

and Zhen means east, Dui means west, so this marriage is too far distance and may not success. Gui Mei

shows the dark cloud cover the sun, but yin and yang energy still not communicate, no rain yet.

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