Wang Xiangzhai- arrogant yiquan guy

Postby cheefatt taichi » Wed Nov 16, 2005 10:15 am

I trust Wang XiangZhai statement was from a sincere heart but I cannot say the same of yiquan people today. I guess many people can relate better to yiquan than TCC because the former allows some degree of force to be used when neutralizing. It is closer to human natural tendency to use strength to protect self when under threat. However, at higher level yiquan people will have to learn to use lesser force just like TCC, otherwise their skills will reach a plateau and can easily be defeated by an opponent who is stronger.

Actually I don't see much differences in the core concept of yiquan to TCC. Both aimed at unifying the body to arrive at greater strength and develop jin. Zhanzhuang which forms the core of yiquan is practised heavily in traditional TCC too especially Wudang taiji.

Personally, I find Wang's remarks that of 100 people who practise TCC only 1 knows the essence is correct. However, from my observation the same is true to yiquan too todate.
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Postby tccstudent » Wed Nov 16, 2005 5:22 pm

Bob, I guess you're right. I sometimes speak without thinking first. Damn, I hate when I do that! A work in progress....
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Re: Wang Xiangzhai- arrogant yiquan guy

Postby DavidChi » Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:17 pm

I Quote "As masters of the original ‘Taijiquan’, I should recommend the Yang brothers Shaohou and Chengfu. They are also old friends of is still one-sided, because the basic skills of intuitive perception already died out a long time ago, thus their lower bodies have no real strength to speak of. Originally this boxing consisted of three fists, also called the "old three cuts"

Interesting comments. I noted that he had contact with both Shaohou and Chengfu. Basic skills of intuitive perception - I assume this is listerning energy or Tong Jing. Wang may have come across many derivative forms of Tai Chi which no doubt he compared with Shaohou and Chengfu's Tai Chi. Also when was the article published ? Those were fighting times....

Now I wonder does anyone know what the"old three cuts" were ? That would be really interesting.

There are quite a few teachers who owe Wang's student Han Xing Yuan a debt of gratitude for coming west and teaching the essence as he puts it of the internal arts. Master Fa Hong and Master Chu King Hung are amongst them. I recommend Jan Diepersloot's books as an excellent reference to his teaching.
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