Demonstration DVD

Demonstration DVD

Postby Bob Ashmore » Thu Dec 08, 2005 4:44 pm

I got to see this last night for the first time, one of my practice group brought it to the house and we watched it together rather than do form work, like we should have done.
Hey, it's COLD here in Kentucky and we work in my basement. Which is "heated", but not "hot" by any stretch. We went upstairs (after two run throughs of the form, we didn't totally blow off practice) lit a fire and watched the DVD. And we didn't have to twist each others arms very hard to talk ourselves into it either.
Awesome DVD.
Watching it closely, I found a few spots in my long form that need some work (understatement of they year award nominee, I think).
I've never seen the 49 demo form before, so that was nice.
The sword form looked like it was done a tad slower than what I have on the Sword and Falchion DVD by YZD and YJ, but otherwise very nicely done. The somewhat slower presentation allowed me to catch quite a few things there that I'd been missing previously, so that was nice as well.
Saber demo was pretty well spot on to the one on the previous DVD but I always love to watch a form done with such precision.
All in all, a very good production.
I would like to thank Master Yang Jun for making it available to us.
I'll get my copy during the holidays, I hope. My wife asked me what I want and I sent her the link...
Here's hoping!

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