Vincent Chu: 42 Applications Form Seminar

Vincent Chu: 42 Applications Form Seminar

Postby tccstudent_usa » Tue Dec 12, 2006 5:26 pm

42 Techniques Tai Chi Chuan Application Solo Form (small frame form):

Sunday, January 07, 2007
9:00AM - 4:00PM, $150.00
@ Gin Soon TCC Federation HQ's (Boston's Chinatown)

Video clip of what Vincent Chu is teaching this day:


This application solo form is different from the martial-fundamentals-training form or the slow form. Due to it's quickness, swift and powerful movements, there are many practitioners who call it the fast form. Physically, the application solo form is very demanding; one can not perform it well unless one's body is in good condition. Therefore, this solo form is not as popular as other, slower forms, which people practice simply for health maintenance or health improvement.

When one is practicing the application form, it is necessary to simulate the martial confrontation. Each movement must have good technique, speed, and power - elements for victory. The application form has a high stance and compact movements, so that one can move quickly. All the movements are of a linear nature, without the obvious opening and closing motions as in other forms. Among the many techniques, there are fa jing, hua jing, qi circulation and application. Therefore, when one is practicing this application form, each movement is done with a specific rhythm. When stepping forward, the second foot has to step forward as well; when retreating, the second foot has to retreat as well. When one regularly practices this form, one will develop a sense of offensive and defensive rhythm. This application solo form is not the training form done fast.

More Workshops info:
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