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Teaching in Southwest Florida

PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:24 am
by Jaxi
I'm looking for one serious student to learn what I have to teach completely. I'm in the Bonita Springs area (between Fort Myers and Naples). I mix a lot of techniques from many styles, but primarily focus on a baguazhang system I've honed over the years, and Tai Chi stuff like tui shou and form movements (I teach them dynamically, not strictly in standard form method, although I do promote the yang long form, as it is historically the most sufficient for both health and martial benefits). I also teach energy movement. I practice much meditation and qi gong focused on overall health and targeting specific problem areas. I have dabbled with acupuncture, but find I don't go in much for needles since I project energy well without sticking people with needles... even if it is extremely entertaining. I will teach all this I do and more to any person willing to put the effort in seriously. I'm not interested in being paid if you are 'all in'. I'm interested in a good student willing to advance. I do things with old school methods... I strike trees instead of heavy bags, and I like to challenge myself and any student willing to do the work. It's more about technique for me than strength, but if you can't get around physically well, don't bother. If you don't learn things more quickly than most people around you, don't bother. I just need one, but I won't turn away anyone who will put in the effort. Lots to teach, many years experience training and practice. Not looking for the martial studio thing now, I don't teach classes, I teach dedicated students. My reward is time training and seeing advancement in my student. Reply, and I'll discuss more.